Carina Marcangelo

A beautiful little girl, with the most precious gift imaginable

An Inspirational Little Girl Who Sadly Was Taken Too Soon

Carina sadly passed away on 27th August 2013 after her body rejected her new heart. We cannot thank her Donor family enough for giving us the chance to take her home for the whole of the summer – cherished times that will never be forgotten.

We are raising money for a very special charity – The Brompton Fountain, whilst at the same time raising awareness for Organ Donation:

30 thoughts on “An Inspirational Little Girl Who Sadly Was Taken Too Soon

  1. Praying for your beautiful Carina xx

  2. You. Are all in my thoughts always .

  3. Hi Carina

    Missing you !! Only been 2 days. Hope you are behaving !!

    Love sister Fifi xxxxxxxxxxxxx love to Chuckie ha ha

  4. Thinking of you all the time, like your Great Grandad Eric does, i see him regularly and he adores you, my little girl was in hospital poorly at birth for 4 months, you are the bravest little girl i know and gorgeous with it. Hope your sister Emily is ok too. All my love Sonia xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. I wish you all the luck in the world my prayers are with you , my daughter Miley had the same condition she was a beutiful bright little girl but sadly she passed away as they attempted to fit her with a Berlin heart to try to buy us more time to find a heart. My wife is an amazing lady and has thrown her self into raising money for the PICU Unit at the Freemans hospital and raise awareness of the importance of being a donor and we also want the law changed to put everybody onto the registrar as soon as there born then if you disagree then you opt out of the donor registrar . Ip will be praying for your daughter she is a beutiful little girl

  6. thinking of all of you s and sending all my love and prayers dont ever think you are alone god bless love smiley mileys nan xxx

  7. I truly hope carina gets the heart she so desperately needs xxx

  8. Hello! My son Aydan (22 months) was critically ill in November, and was on a special machine called an ECMO, he was not expected to make it, and one of the first things I thought about was donating his organs! Thank fully Aydan pulled through his ordeal and is now receiving intense physio! You can find out more about his story on his blog or his Facebook group – hope for Aydan his fight against tuberous sclerosis.
    I will certainly share you link and help raise awareness, and hopefully we will find your little girl a heart :0) x

  9. Dear Nicole, Darren, Emily and Carina, we think of you every day. Noah’s doing really well and we hope for the same outcome for Carina. It was lovely to see you yesterday Nicole. Love and hugs, Leyla, James and Noah xxx

  10. Dear Darren,
    Sorry to hear about Carina, hope you get some good news soon. Our thoughts are with you and your family. Keep in touch.

  11. Dear family,

    I wish you al the luck with everything you’re going through.
    My daughter also has cardiomyopathy.
    I hope there will be a heart for your little princess very soon.
    My thoughts are with you.

    from Holland

  12. I am praying for you Carina and for your wonderful father, mother and sister.

    Keep strong darling and keep fighting

    All my love

  13. I Pray in the Mighty Name of JESUS,that SHE is COMPLETELY HEALED by HIS BLOODGOD BLESS<SHALOM:))

  14. Thinking of you every day, waiting for each and every update and hoping for that call to come.

    I think you, your lovely sister and your fantastic mummy and daddy are so inspiring, much love xxx

  15. I have shared this with my Facebook friends and hope they do the same, hoping time is with you and your family x

  16. I just posted Carina’s photo on Facebook to ask for prayers for this little darling. Grandpa Eric told me about her and says she is one of my relatives. We’re all praying for her.

  17. Thinking of you all xxx

  18. P.s. love, sympathy, and thanks go to the donor family. K x

  19. Listened to Grandpa Tony on BBC Hereford & Worcester this morning speaking about his beautiful little grandaughter. Keep on fighting Carina, love and prayers to you and your family. Sharon & Rob – from Hartlebury

  20. My prayers are with you all xx hoping and praying all is well xx

  21. I will pray your little girl Carina makes a full recovery. miracles do happen. i will light a candle for her. Keep strong for her.Best wishes maeve

  22. Querida familia, los milagros existen y uno de ellos es, nuestra princesita Carina. Con mucho amor y devoción le rezo a su Ángel de la Guarda para que la proteja. Fuerza para todos vosotros, que estais luchando con ella y para ella. Besos tita Palmira

  23. Holaaaa! Seguimos cada dia la evolución de Carina y nos sentimos muy muy felices pues sabemos que va progresando como una campeona.Desde Málaga con muchísimo cariño y todo nuestro apoyo Primo Nani , Irene, Víctor, Guille xxxxxxxxxx

  24. I have a little boy with a CHD so I know what a scary journey this is. Sending so many prayers to Carina and all of you and praying her new heart heals xxxx

  25. We are thinking and praying for Carina.

  26. Hola princesita, cada día leo tu diario, cariño sigue luchando porque papa mama tu hermanita los avis “abuelitos”, todos los titos y primos lo necesitamos, confiamos en ti, sigue siendo fuerte campeona, para que todos juntos podamos sonreir. Besos de caramelo desde Barcelona de tita Palmira tito Pedro, Palmirita y Pedrito.

  27. As friends of Michelle, we have been praying for Carina at our Church in Watlington, and in our Church here in St. Raphael France. They will all be so pleased to hear your latest news. Love and prayers Val and Des

  28. I hope you get better soon xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  29. Happened to be browsing as the name Carina means a lot to me.
    Hope all is well with your beautiful child !!

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